Always open to the families

When we created the centre, we wanted it to be a truly open community for families. Today, it is very common to find a teacher talking to parents. For us, these moments are essential to feel that, together, we are building this project.

We are very enthusiastic welcoming new families. We are very confident that as soon as you get to know us you will feel that you also have an important voice and role in our centre. In fact, a lot of people who visit the centre express admiration for how families are involved in the centre. Thank you very much!


"I love seeing so many parents supporting us, helping us, working together with us in this shared mission to provide the best learning experience possible to our children. Rarely families and teachers work together with such high involvement. Thank you! I am very happy to be living it!"
Debra, teacher of the centre


"No tengo queja alguna de como han tratado a mis hijos Didac y Daniela. Muy serviciales, buenas personas, los niños se la pasan genial y el inglés se enseña como tiene que ser. Gracias a todo el equipo: Debra, Jody, Karen y en especial a Jessica por cuidar y querer tanto a mis mellizos. Abrazos fuertes! :)"
‎Adele Colón Lefranc

"It was impossible to take my child home everyday. He just wanted to stay at the Daydream. He felt so comfortable and welcomed. There is a wonderful caring homely atmosphere about the place. It just like a place from home. The children have lots of materials and equipment on offer and it's nearly all English. It is an ideal environment for daycare and language exposure. The children mix with other young ages and participate in lots of activities. There is great variety and a very important outdoor area. Due to the great exposure to native English language Fergus started to say more words. This environment creates a lot of confidence in developing oral and listening skills. Moreover, Fergus received full attention and care in all aspects. He made friends with the childminders and always felt safe and secure in their arms. Thank you so much for making nursery such a wonderful experience it truly is a place where little one's dreams come true!"
Jenny, teacher and mum

"En Day Dream he encontrado un ambiente perfecto para mi hijo. No es solo una guardería, su ambiente familiar, su mobiliario a la medida de los pequeños y todo natural, el patio donde juegan con la arena, los espacios luminosos... y lo más importante, un equipo humano muy especial y único. Y todo esto mientras aprende inglés de forma innata!! De verdad, que estoy muy contenta de confiarles los primeros años de mi hijo. Y él esta encantado!!! Gracias chicas por el trabajo que hacéis!!!"
Ada Saez

"We could tell as soon as we walked in that Daydream was the right place for our son and we were right. He loves nursery, comes home every day with new words and things he's learned and we leave him happily each morning. In fact, some days he clearly doesn't want to leave"​​
Luke Robinson