One day at Daydream Daycare

We understand the centre as a place to support and respect the life processes of children. We live with the children with the desire to make them feel recognized, accepted and loved so they can grow happy and balanced. We establish a close relationship between limits and freedom to provide empowerment focused on safety and security with a high sense of responsibility.

We adapt to your schedules, you can bring and collect the child at the time that you prefer. In the following lines, you will get to know how is and feels one day at Daydream Daycare.

The arrival is flexible starting at 07:30 am. The parents/family can stay to the centre all the time they want. 
When the family/parents decide to leave usually the teacher exchanges a few words with them.

Every kid has a reference point, where he meets his/her tutor and group. We work in small groups to empower group identity and membership. It also enables to consolidate children bonding and teamwork with other children.

Every day we do activities with different pedagogical materials and themes. In daydream daycare, the children can enjoy an open exterior space. 

Usually from 12:00 to 14:30, the centre becomes a dining space. Children can eat here or at home. When they have finished, they have several possibilities. They can go into a space to sleep or they can go to other prepared areas to move and interact such as exterior and interior spaces.

The children who have finished eating come back to their reference space, where they do guided activities.
The departure is also flexible, meaning that the parents can stop by anytime they prefer until 19:30 to get their children back. The departure is individualized and relaxed. Usually, the kid will share with you his/her experiences of the day or something he/she created. You can speak with the teacher anytime you want.